Ant-Man [Add-on]

[Ant-Man [Add-on

This add-on adds a few new items to the game which are needed to turn into Ant-Man who is a well known superhero in the Marvel Universe. By using these new items you will be able to access several new abilities which otherwise would have been impossible. For example, by holding one of the items you will be able to shrink to ant size and while shrunk you will have access to several new powers such as immunity to fire.

How does it work?

Minitature Power (Arrow): The most essential features of them all is the Miniature Power. This is an item which when held in your hand (or off-hand) will turn your into a superhero ant (also known as Ant-Man).
  • Can be added to off-hand
  • Character shrinks
  • 3 damage per hit
  • Increased speed
  • Immune to fire
  • Ableto pass through 1 block height

As a shrunk person you will have some new abilities, and some of them bad, such less health but also good abilities like more agility.

Turn into Ant-Man simply by equipping the Miniature Power item. There’s no cooldown so you will be able to swiftly change between normal, giant and miniature mode within seconds.

Giant Power (Totem of Undying): As a giant Ant-Man you will have more strength related powers. For example, you will have an increasedattack damage and also immune to knockback resistance.
  • Can be added to the off-hand
  • Character becomes a giant
  • Attack damage: 35
  • Player walks slower
  • Immune to fire
  • Knockback resistance
Red Ant (Replaces Spider)
  • Normal
    • Hearts: 7.5
    • Attack damage: 5
    • Mountable
    • Chest inventory
    • Controlled by equipping the ant with a frame (in the saddle slot)
  • Giant
    • Health: 15
    • Attack damage: 20
    • Causes wither effect
    • Immune to fire and fall damage

Black Ant (Replaces Cave Spider)
  • Normal
    • Health: 7.5 hearts
    • Attack damage: 5
    • Mountable
    • Chest inventory
  • Small
    • Health: 2.5 hearts
    • Attack damage: 10
    • Causes with effect
    • Immune to fire and fall damage

Sword of Ant-Man (Bow):
  • 5 damage per arrow
  • 15 damage per hit
  • Immune to fire
Ant-Man’s Armor
  • All golden armors

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