Basic Nether Ores Addon

Basic Nether Ores Addon

>New Ores & Blocks:

•Added Nether Aluminum Ore
•Added Nether Coal Ore 
•Added Nether Copper Ore
•Added Nether Diamond Ore
•Added Nether Emerald Ore
•Added Nether Gold Ore
•Added Nether Iron Ore
•Added Nether Lapis Ore
•Added Nether Lead Ore 
•Added Nether Nickel Ore
•Added Nether Redstone Ore
•Added Nether Silver Ore
•Added Nether Tin Ore
•Added Nether Uranium Ore
•Added Aluminum Block
•Added Copper Block
•Added Lead Block
•Added Nickel Block
•Added Silver Block
•Added Tin Block
•Added Uranium Block
>New Nuggets:

•Added Aluminum Nugget
•Added Copper Nugget
•Added Lead Nugget
•Added Nickel Nugget
•Added Silver Nugget
•Added Tin Nugget
•Added Uranium Nugget
>New ingots:

•Added Aluminum Ingot
•Added Copper Ingot
•Added Lead Ingot
•Added Nickel Ingot
•Added Silver Ingot
•Added Uranium Ingot
•Added Tin Ingot
>New Swords:

•Aluminum Sword
•Copper Sword
•Lead Sword
•Nickel Sword
•Silver Sword
•Tin Sword
•Uranium Sword
>New Battleaxes:

•Aluminum Battleaxe
•Copper Battleaxe
•Lead  Battleaxe
•Nickel Battleaxe
•Silver Battleaxe
•Tin Battleaxe
•Uranium Battleaxe
You can melt these ores and receive ingots and from new ingots which are not present in minecraft it will be possible to make the full block, sword, battleaxe. 

And there are two new commands that will simplify your life in creative mode:
/function nether_ores_weapons (responsible for issuing all types of weapons) 
/function nether_ores_ingots_and_nuggets (responsible for issuing all ingots and nuggets)

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