Bluestone Ore Add-on

Bluestone Ore Add-on 

This Add-on adds a new ore in your game. The Bluestone Ore! It is a very rare ore, which serves for you to craft new Bluestone Tools. You can also craft the Bluestone Block! This block serves for decoration, and also you can craft Bluestone Blocks to store in your chest, if in case you find many Bluestone Ores, and your chest get full. Then when you need Bluestones, it’s only you get the Bluestone Blocks, put it on the Crafting Table, and again craft the Bluestones to get their tools! You can also get all the Bluestone Tools with the following command: /function bluestone_tools.

How does it work?

The Bluestone Ore is spawns naturally in your world. You will probably find them from layer 12 down, like the Diamond Ore. It is rare to be found, but it may be easier for you to find than the Diamond Ore. If you collect up the ore with a normal pickaxe, you will get the Bluestone. And if you collect up the ore with a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment, you’ll get the Bluestone Ore.
With Bluestones you can craft some very good new tools. These tools have a good duration, and are quite useful for you to kill mobs with ease in your survival. This add-on works only for Minecraft Beta onwards. Here are all the crafting and features of these Bluestone Tools.

Bluestone Tools

Bluestone Sword

  • Attack Damage: 10
  • Durability: 1200
Bluestone Scimitar

  • Attack Damage: 12
  • Durability: 1300
Bluestone Battleaxe

  • Attack Damage: 15
  • Durability: 1600

Bluestone Features


The Bluestones drop when you collect a Bluestone Ore.

Bluestone Block

You can craft the Bluestone Block for decoration, and also to store them in your chest.

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