Carnage add-on

Carnage add-on

Boss battles:
  • Vained-time
  • It has the power to stop you from moving, best to beat it with ranged weaponry!
  • Hivale
  • It can use a force field to shove mobs and you away, it has high damage so I recommend you to use good equipment
  • Goblin champion
  • A bigger and experienced warrior for you to fight, It will kill the villagers too.
  • Moth mother
  • It can switch from melee to ranged mode and throws silk at you to slow you down.
  • Blitzir
  • A superior to the blaze series, It rules the nether and isn’t afraid of you either, it switches from melee to ranged schemes and throws both small and large fireballs.
  • Grimstone golem
  • A protector of the Nether dimension, It can and will eliminate who dares to tread its homeland.
  • Wyvern warrior – suggestion by @Pedro07511224
  • A mere human who has the power to transform into a Wyvern at will, it feats both strength and speed against its opponents. It breathes fire and won’t hesitate to burn its mere prey.
  • Dragon-hearted
  • The older brother of the wyvern warrior himself, an experienced warrior that has the same ability as his sibling but has more capacity to spray flames at you. It has the ability to breath fireballs at the player too.
  • Maximum dragon
  • The final and irreversible form of a previous warrior ( possibly their father ) that packs a significant amount of health to live for long, even to the point of killing withers.
  • Fate master
  • The final boss of the series and will always be ready to beat you. It uses the ability of most of the other mobs and can summon different kinds of monsters.

  • Guard
  • Protects and aids you in battling monsters
  • Male
  • Female
  • Male child
  • Female child
  • Non playable characters that adds life to your worlds

  • Astral axe
  • Summons rings of fire that protects you, but it counts as a player so mobs can attack it too, It turns into fire after some time.
  • tempest wand
  • Summons a twister that levitates enemies, it disappears to thin air after some time.
  • crimson staff – from the anime show “KonoSuba”
  • Has the same ability in the show, it summons a beam that blows up the area, so EXPLOOOOSION!!!
  • Chronic charge
  • Triggers an explosion that can temporarily slows down anything in the near vicinity of the spell.
  • goblin
  • shroombit
  • wraith
  • ramwolf
  • skullshed
  • black slime
  • blood slime
  • crawler
  • hobgoblin
  • noir
  • cursed spells
  • riptide
  • black water
  • rotscade
  • dead vele
  • parakyte
  • phantas
  • gargoyle
  • dead adventurers
  • spitter
  • hollow ent
  • rotten pumpkin
  • black snowman
  • solid slime
  • shadow
  • undead livestock
  • molt zlato
  • blood stained
  • land leech
  • Fire maiden
  • fly dragon
  • morgue-man
  • biserpent
  • rootling
  • lunarid
  • giant scorpion
  • moving fungi
  • shellbit
  • terra-terror
  • shroombie
  • white lady
  • dusty paladin
  • shulker warrior
  • cursed armor
  • vile zombie
  • bloody zombie
  • corrupt villager
  • solar warrior
  • dune maiden
  • reverse body
  • vicious spider
  • bone eater
  • land shark
  • scarecrow
  • graveraiser
  • dullahan
  • deadhound
  • ivywake
  • shadow maiden
  • brutal zombie
  • cruel slime
  • dreadman
  • irican
  • wood crabs
  • moving poison
  • bird brain
  • headless chicken
And 32 Mobs More..

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