DayZ Addon

DayZ Addon

This addon takes some of the apocalyptic elements in DayZ which is a popular survival game for PC and brings them to Minecraft. Experience Minecraft in a post-apocalyptic styled world with more zombies and modern weapons to fight them. If you enjoy survival mode then take it to the next level with this zombie survival addon!


Some of the mobs have been changed into zombies and other types of creatures which exist in the DayZ game.
Infected (zombies, zombie pigmen, husks) are hostile zombies which roam the world both day and night. The Infected are both strong and fast and this makes 
them the most serious threat in the Overworld.
Survivors (villagers) inhabit small settlements (villages) and they are always available for trading. No one is safe anymore. The Survivors are also under constant threat by the Infected.

Bandits (strays, wither skeletons and skeletons) are humans who have gone hostile just to be able to survive. The Bandits are best to be avoided since they are usually equipped with an assault rifle and will shoot players on sight. Some of them have just a melee weapon though.

Stray Dogs (wolves) are lonely dogs who have lost their owners some time during the apocalypse. Their behavior is neutral. You can tame them with Dog Food.

Weapons & Armor

This addon changes a bunch of the vanilla items in Minecraft to make them better suited for an apocalyptic survival world. The items are dropped by the mobs which can be found above on this page.
  • Throwing Knife (Snowball): This one has a good chance for a knockback effect and it also deals some damage.
  • Grenade (Egg): A high powered grenade. Deals a good chunk of damage and causes a great explosion.
  • Makarov Pistol (Ender Pearl): Deals some good damage but it has a short cooldown between each use.
  • AK47 (Fishing Rod): Hard to aim with but deals quite a lot of damage.
  • M4A1 (Bow): Good aim but not as powerful as the AK47. You need M4A1 mags (Arrows) to use it.
  • Homemade Molotov (Bottle o’ Enchanting): Throwable explosive which causes fire.
  • Canned Food (Mushroom Stew): Dropped by certain mobs and villagers trade them
  • Green Camouflage (Iron Armor)
  • Leather Armor (Diamond Armor)
  • Plastic Armor (Golden Armor)

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