Decoration Furniture Addon

Decoration Furniture Addon

Add highly detailed models to your modern house or any kind of house, an iMac, coffee maker, a telephone, blender, entertainment system, a couch and a speaker, created focused on high detail and almost everything made block by block.

1Add a modern and realistic touch to your house with our new modern looking furniture, wich include an iMac, a telephone, a speaker, blender, entertainment system, a couch and a coffee maker. But this addon its not finished yet, you have to finish it. Tell us in the comment section what would you like to see in the next version (New version each 3-5 days) and we will maybe add it.

Working furniture

Some of the furniture actually works. For example, the chopping board can chop at the moment bread, the blender make a milkshake and the toaster toast bread. Figure out how to make them all work took a lot of time, but now i will deliver more updates with more working furniture.

Crafting Recipes

The crafting system in 1.12 and 1.13 still in development, and that its why it has bugs. I am sorry if the crafting recipes dont work on your device.

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