Dreams of Luna

Dreams of Luna

Story :
Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the lunar surface, back in 1969,or…….was it the first one?
In this game, you are Subject-58, a product tester of Grissman Corp. Recently, this tech company has turned it’s focus on genome memory research, codename: ‘Project Synapsys’. Using it’s latest prototype, you are tasked to sync with one of the test profiles, Dimitri Kianov, a missing soviet cosmonaut during the era of space race.
Follow through the journey of a single man’s endeavour, an untold fearsome adventure to an unknown selestial body…….


▪Game brightness➡100%
▪Device screen brightness➡30%
▪Render distance➡5

Compatible versions:
Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.10, v1.11, v1.12(beta)

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