DS : BedWars

DS : BedWars

One of Minecraft’s most popular Minigame can now be yours! We have made it as close to the original as possible. BedWars in Minecraft bedrock edition!         

Have you ever wanted to just play a BedWars game just with your friends, and not with all those other people on the servers? Well, you are in the right place! The DarkSide BedWars map is one of our biggest projects ever! With advanced features which you can read more about below. All of it is, of course, available easily just click the download button below and enjoy a fully functional BedWars map, for your phone, tablet, PC or even console! 


This map contains lots of possibilities and can promise a very fun time playing it! All of the features are listed below:
– Custom villager trades! 
– Custom generators. 
– 4 Teams, randomly picked!
– Support for an endless amount of players(above 2).
And more! Download today and check em out!

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