Friday The 13Th (Horror)

(Friday The 13Th (Horror

On this map you”ll play as Daniel, an archaeologist team leader. You and your team decided to go to the famous Camp GonnaGetcha to find out if the legends are true about this place but while wondering someone or “something” came out of the lake! nervously and full of fear your team ran at the van but the van is sabotaged the gasoline spill at the ground, and the battery died out! You need to find gasolines and a battery that are spread across the map and refill the van to escape Camp GonnaGetcha Will you be able to find them or will he be able to find you first!?

How To Play
Your main Objective is to find 8 Gasoline Cans and a Car Battery to escape Camp GonnaGetcha. To collect items such as Keys and Gasoline Cans, go near them and they will be automatically collected. To escape the enemy try outsmarting them by going through houses and hiding through trees.
This map is NOT repeatable game-play, but will be updated soon, Also this map support multiplayer mode so you can play this map with your friends(recommended) . Set Your Brightness to 100% to see in the dark!

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