Mega Skyblock [Survival]

[Mega Skyblock [Survival

Mega Skyblock is a little bit different from the ordinary skyblock survival challenge as it includes 41+ different islands (instead of just one) which the player is required to go out and explore in order to complete the map. Each island is supposed to symbolize a biome or a dimension and will provide you with new materials you can use to survive.

How to play?

The player starts out on a skyblock island which includes only the most basic resources you’ll need to survive. Open the chest to find some items. Make sure to use them sparingly as there’s no way to get any of the items back if you lose or break them. There are 41+ different islands and on each one you will be able to find new resources which are necessary for your survival.


Time to take a on going journey! With over 41 islands filled with loot, creatures, and surprises. What else do you need??


(This is still being written and implemented) There is always a story. Always questions. Who’s future? What event? Why are you here? Are those the true questions? Well, its time to begin your story. player.

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