The Dropper (Remastered) [Minigame]

[The Dropper (Remastered) [Minigame


The Dropper is one of the most popular maps for Minecraft. There are 11 different levels and the only objective is to survive the fall. This is a remastered version which includes command blocks and as a result it’s only available for version 1.0.5 (or higher) for Minecraft Pocket Edition. As a whole, it’s a really well designed map definitely worth of playing!

How to play?

It’s pretty simple. All you gotta do is to jump off the ledge and survive the fall. At the bottom of each level there is a small patch of water and that’s where you need to land. Down there you’ll find a button which when pressed will teleport you to the next level.

There are a whole bunch of different levels and all of them are awesome in their own way. For example, in one level (like the one above) you need to fall into a toilet and in another you’ll fall through a dense forest.

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