Hello Neighbor In Minecraft (Horror!) [Minigame] [Puzzle]

Hello Neighbor 

Hello Neighbor is originally a popular stealth horror PC game developed by tinyBuild. The main concept of the game is to attempt to sneak into your neighbor’s house and search for mysteries. This map is a remake of that game but for Minecraft. By downloading this map you can expect horror, adventure and puzzles.


Your neighbor is doing something really strange. You keep hearing screaming sounds from your neighbor’s house. You go to check if there anything wrong with him and to find out what he’s up to..

How To Play

Find the objects in your neighbor’s house and solve puzzles to unlock his basement without getting caught by him.

What's New in Update

  • Added new models for cars, and sometime you can see a car driving on the road
  • added more furnitures to make it look more detail
  • Fixed the neighbor model, texture and AI
  • Fixed the model for chair
  • The neighbor have some animations to look a bit like the real game
  • Added a little more traps
  • Added new items
  • New area, fix the ending bug

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