Planetary Confinement PE [Adventure] [Survival]

Planetary Confinement

This is an adventure with survival elements which takes place on an unknown sand planet. You have crash landed your spaceship and now you desperately need to scavenge for items to hopefully survive this disaster. Set off on your own or with friends to explore the mysterious structures of the planet and enjoy a unique experience with cool features and custom textures. It’s perfect for anyone who is up for a new survival challenge.

It’s a harsh environment out there so make sure to put on your spacesuit before heading outside to explore the planet.

The experience bar is replaced by a thirst bar. Immerse yourself in water to fill up and regenerate your thirst.

Complete the quests on the island and explore the surrounding areas.

Will you make it back home or are you stuck on this planet forever? One thing is certain and that is that you’re a long way from home.

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