Hidwoods is an addon for Minecraft bedrock made by tomaxed44. This addon completely turns the overworld into a whole new dimension, including custom biomes, mobs, blocks, items, and other features.
In this new environment mostly made of dark green and purple colors, you will spawn near a landing pod and will find various different hostile and peaceful creatures. The world is made of two major biomes who are the plains and the forest. Small lakes are very common but are careful! they are full of aquatic creatures! 
Please note that this project was started as a test addon where I learned how to make entities behaviors, models, animations, etc, this means some of the features don’t have a real utility.


  • A completely new overworld
  • A custom generation
  • Different earth creatures and aquatic creatures
  • New blocks
  • New items

Custom Generation

the world generation is composed of 3 new biomes, The Hidwoods forest, the Hidwoods plains, and the Hidwoods hills. You will spawn 90% of the time in one of those.
-The Hidwoods forest is composed of normal and giant taiga trees, small jungle trees, rocks and sometimes bamboo. The ground is made of Hidgrass, Dead hidgrass and hidwoods dirt.
-The hidwoods plains have a lighter biome color than the forest. The ground is very similar to the forest: Hidgrass, Dead hidgrass and hidwoods dirt. Rocks are very common
-The lakes are usually small and always have a hidwoods biome attached to them. The lakes are very common and not deep, you will find corals and mud at the bottom, and lilypads at the surface
-Swamp trees and occasionally giant mushrooms can be found on the edges of the lakes
-The hidwoods hills are the same as the vanilla Minecraft hills however, big trees can be found on them
-Warm and cold vanilla biomes are still available but don’t have anything special.


The majority of the entities are earth creatures that can be found on the surface at day or night. 
Vanilla entities such as zombies, cows, etc.. only spawn on desert and savannas biomes, although they can be found on villages or mob spawners.


Phy, Also called Phy the bot or Phybot is a small flying robot that can be tamed by the player using Iron ingots. When tamed, this small robot follows and help the player in combats.


This entity is found everywhere on the surface, be careful!
  • Is hostile
  • Gives you 2 sec of poison when attacking
  • Attack range pretty short
  • Have 16 Health (8 hearts)
  • Drop Raw acrilon and Acrilon legs at death

Carnivorous plant

*illusion 100 meme* 
  • Is hostile
  • Have 20 Health (10 hearts)
  • Hides hitself on the ground if you are too close, only revealing it’s red flower as a lure


This mob seems aggressive but somehow he’s friendly
  • Is Peaceful
  • Drop Raw kobu at death
  • Can be bread with seeds, or any hidwoods meat
  • Have 10 Health (5 hearts)
  • Attack Rackodos


  • Is Neutral
  • Become hostile if you hit them
  • Have 15 Health
  • Is super slow
  • Sometimes spawns with a baby nearby
  • Drop Lica fragment at death and when using clamps


They are living souls trapped on stone.
  • Are Hostile
  • Have 20 Health
  • Commonly found underground
  • At death, the souls fly away and the stones fall on the ground. Drops nothing


  • Is peaceful
  • Is toxic, Try to not eat them
  • Have 10 Health
  • Is a very solo mob doing his life.


  • Are found nearby Plocytre hives
  • Will hunt you in groups if you are close to them or the hive
  • Are ugly, have an ugly name :c
  • Drops nothing on death, however, the hive drops Cylo when using clamps or by destroying it

Snails (normal and poisonous)

Normal snail

the very first entity I made when the custom entities were added!
  • Are peaceful
  • Drop shell at death (useless item)
  • Some of them glow in the dark

Poisonous snail

  • Is hostile
  • Commonly found underground
  • Drop shell at death (useless item)
  • Glows in the dark


  • Is hostile to many entities including you
  • Leap at its target
  • Gives slowness when attacking
  • Drop leather and bones


  • Basically it’s just a cow
  • Drop raw Taurec at death


It’s an ambient mob with unique sounds
  • Is peaceful
  • Fly around in the sky
  • Drop nothing

Aquatic entities:


  • Those 3 aquatic entities are peaceful and drop fish when killed


  • Is Hostile
  • If you wear a full set of iron armor, they will become peaceful
  • Drop fish

Neutral entity:

Landing Pod

  • Spawn once at your location when you first join the world
  • You can seat inside the landing pod
  • Have a chest storage (crouch + interact)


Mud blocks and compacted mud blocks

  • Mud blocks can be found at the bottom of lakes
  • Compacted mud is crafted with 4 mud block
  • Compacted mud can be crafted into smooth or carved compacted mud blocks
  • Compacted mud can be found very commonly underground

Lica block

  • Crafted with 4 lica fragments found on Licamas
  • This block is great for big distances, the more distance you walk on this block, the faster you’ll travel
  • If you only craft a few blocks you won’t notice any speed boost, so you need a lot of them
  • Can be turned into Ehanced lica block (see below)

Ehanced Lica block

  • Crafted with a Lica block and 4 cylo (found on plocytre’s hives)
  • Have a better speed acceleration than the default block

Aephyr ore

this block is supposed to be a new fuel source and replace the coal, however, it’s a bit complicated so it just drops coal
  • Glow in the dark
  • drop coal
  • Can be found underground everywhere

Saltpeter ore

This block exists because creepers don’t spawn, so you can’t have gunpowder
  • Drop saltpeter dust
  • Can be crafted into gunpowder (1 saltpeter + 1 coal)
  • Can be found underground everywhere

Diamond shard ore

  • Drop multiple diamond shards
  • Diamond shards can be combined to craft a single diamond (9 diamond shard = 1 diamond)


Hidgrass, Dead Hidgrass, and Hidwoods dirt are simply grass, coarse dirt, and dirt with a custom name.
However, the blocks do exist in the game but are not used because bedrock blocks feature are not fully complete yet


Update: this screenshot is outdated, more items have been added
Almost all the raw foods have a chance of giving you poison or hunger for a few secs

Custom Trees (creative only)

The addon adds a bunch of custom trees that do not naturally spawn (sadly) but are available via spawn eggs
  • Place a tree spawn egg on the ground to create a custom tree
  • Be careful, most of them are huge
  • the spawned tree does not keep the previous blocks so be careful of where you place them!


The addon has 3 functions used to test the content
/function god
gives you infinite regeneration and saturation
/function saturation
gives you infinite saturation
/function spreadplayers
execute the spreadplayers command, spread everyone in a range of 10000 blocks
/function test
says test in the actionbar!

Tools used, credit:

  • I used Blockbench (by JannisX11) for the models
  • I made the textures with Gimp 2
  • The whole behavior and resource pack has been made by myself

What's New
Hidwoods v1.1.2
-Added a new entity: Phy! It's a small bot that follows you and helps you in combats.
This entity can be found broken in the wilds, you need to repair it with a crafting station
-New feature: The crafting station. It's a crafting table used to "craft" items related to Phy the bot
Added a in-game guide (using the how to play menu)
Phy's skin box is also a thing, allowing you to customize the bot with 4 skins (more to come!)
-New entity: The Crisha, it's a kind of worm who drops feathers over time
-New item: the clamps, used instead of shears
-New ore: the Sapphire! Can be found at the bedrock level
-New items: Sapphire fragment, Sapphire, Sapphire block and Sapphire sword
The sapphire sword will be used for the upcoming boss
New Aephyr (block + item) are added, however they don't drop in survival yet
-Spawn rules completely rewritten
-Vanilla mobs spawns only in savana biomes
-Vanilla hostile entities spawns on deserts and savanna biomes
-Big skeletons spawns at the surface
-Cobwebs can sometimes be found underground
-Leaves spawns on caverns
-Stalagmites can sometimes be found on caves
-The jungle biome and the birch forest biome have a new generation
-The swamp biome also got a few modifications
-the clay is more common
New textures:
-Crafting table
-Jungle leaves
-cocoa beans
-Title screen
-Bamboo (renamed blueboo)
Other Fixes and features:
-The mobs now drop xp
-The saltpeter, diamond shard, and midolin were missing their text names
-The shell can be crafted into bonemeal
-The carnivorous plant drops a poppy at death
-The voliray won't stuck themselves that much (this entity isn't fully finished)
-Some loot chests will have sapphire inside them
-The midolin and snail won't spawn on the nether anymore
-Dirt generation fix
-Compacted mud generation fix
-A boss behavior prototype is available via /summon boss (he is still very basic)
-The bozord egg is deleted, this entity have a broken behavior and no models/textures
-New unfinished entity: the Doko, it's a tameable entity. The model and texture aren't finished yet.

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