Magicá Addon

Magicá Addon

Become an elemental magician and fight your friends and foes with unique new weapons or your newly gained magic power. Research the source of the fifth element “Magicá” and reach for the crown to become the most powerful wizard alive!


The first time you get in contact with magic, the vanilla experience system gets disabled. This means you can no longer gain experience from killing mobs, mining ores etc. There is an alternative way to gain levels in this addon which you have to use. After the first magic contact, the experience bar functions as a kind of mana bar.


Formulas are spells which you can use while interacting with different entities. They are important in order to get started with this addon and a new drop of skeletons & witches.

Magic Weapons

This addon adds six new, unique and truly magical weapons.
  • Soulsmasher: High damage, low health, used for villager trades
  • Whirlwind: Speed, high damage, slight health increase
  • Earthshatterer: Haste, Night Vision, massive health increase, low damage
  • Flamestrike: Fire Resistance, high damage, slight health increase
  • Watercut: Water Breathing, massive health increase, low damage
Magicánion: Combines advantages of the four elemental swords


You can cast five powerful spells with this addon.
  1. Hold an Air GemEarth GemFire GemWater Gem or Magicá in your hand
  2. A timer starts (mana bar) and you can see particles around you symbolizing the element with which you are infused
  3. While being infused, throw an Infusable Stone. This projectile now carries elemental power and it’ll set it free once it hits an entity or a block
If you’re not infused, you get your Infusable Stone back immediately


  • Fire Block: Smelts ice & snow around it
  • Water Block: Prevents creeper explosions in a radius around it
  • Earth Block: If a zombie spawns around this block, it receives frequent damage until death
  • Air Block: If a skeleton spawns around this block, it gets levitated up into the air
Magicá Block: ???


You can now find four new elemental ores spawning underground.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can use a Formula: Transformation in order to turn a chicken into a villager
  • You shouldn’t hold the Formula: Infusion longer then 5 seconds in your hand. If you do that, you’ll get 40 levels and the formula turns into an empty one
You can use the Formula: Infusion on a villager to turn him into a magician

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