Lucky Boxes Add-on (1.12+)

Lucky Boxes

Spice up your survival experience with Lucky Boxes Addon, collect required elements to craft your lucky box. Lucky Boxes addon adds 6 new lucky boxes into the game, as well as new items. Upon opening one you may be lucky to get good loot, or unlucky loot or even a hostile mob coming out from the box to attack you. Be careful while opening boxes that can have valuable loot

How to obtain boxes?

To craft a box you need a primary element & some vanilla items or/and blocks.
Primary elements can be crafted by combining certain vanilla items in the crafting table.

How to place and remove boxes?

– You need a Magical Pickaxe to open boxes and a Diamond Key to open the mystery chest.
– To place boxes sneak and hold the item. To remove un-opened boxes sneak then hit them. To remove opened simply hit them.

Wooden Box:

Wooden Box is the lowest on terms of valuable loot. Ranging from any easy-to-obtain items in the overworld to stuff you can get from fishing (Enchanted armor/tools/books excluded). Also it’s the most safe one, hostile mobs won’t come out from it.

Steel Box:

Steel Box has medium valuable loot from the overworld, ranging from enchanted books to iron & gold armor/tools and some other mid-valuable items. But watch out hostile mobs can come out from it!

Sea Box:

The Sea Box has loot related to the oceans. Also hostile mobs from there can come out from it.

Nether Box:

Nether Box has loot related to nether dimension. And hostile mobs from the nether can come out from this box.

Diamond Box:

This box has the highest valuable loot, ranging from enchanted apples to music discs and some other cool stuff. But as it has valuable loot, not-easy-to-kill hostile mobs can come out from it. Be careful while opening it.

Mystery Chest:

This mighty chest is the most hard-to-craft in this add-on, but as well, it has extremely valuable loot, ranging from enchanted diamond armor/tools to piles of diamonds & emeralds and other stuff like drops from bosses but that’s rare to happen. It also has hostile mobs that can come out from it, and maybe an explosion?

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