Weavers Addon

Weavers Addon

The Weavers, space traveling entities that feeds on energy. The dark matter and radiation they feed on is what gives them their immense power.
It helps to not think of the lore going into this addon, because it’s really just a bunch of stuff I made up. They’re just big space dragons.

Health: 6000
Attack: 110
Due to their ethereal nature and being an entity of energy, they can bend the laws of physics which allows them to go through solid objects
The Weavers attack almost anything they see, and although usually a solitary creature to maximize the energy they consume, they will not attack each other

They are also almost invisible in the night sky

Death, The Destroyer of Worlds
Obvious Oppenheimer quote aside, Death is a Weaver who has lived for a really long time, growing to a colossal size and becoming very powerful. The manifestation of death, he is capable of destroying entire worlds, as his name suggests.
Health: 550000
Attack: 22500

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