Ultimate Scorpion Boss Add-on


Ultimate Scorpion Boss Add-on

This Ultimate Scorpion boss is a Strong mob  called ultimate for a reason, It’s very strong and very challenging to kill in Survival. It is a Giant Scorpion Boss mob that will kill everything in a matter of Seconds! It’s very strong and can resist fire and fall damage.                                                                                      It makes loud scary scorpion sounds so if you hear them, get ready for Battle!!

 It’s health is 999999, and you can try challenging it in survival for a fight.                                                                                                                      
 It’s immune to Fire and lava, a cool feature added to the mob to make it very challenging.

  It will Kill other mobs and attack you as well the player in Survival.                                                           
 It Usually spawns in Desert Biomes since scorpions are usually found there. So if you are looking for one, try travelling to the desert in your World.  


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